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We provide our clients with solutions in the field of investments, financial management and planning. Our goal is sustainable, long-term value creation. Having great experience behind, our talented management team realises true potential of your business and brings it to a new level. We are striving to deliver in-depth knowledge of the global financial markets and follow investment strategy to produce long-term results for our valuable partners worldwide.


Our Strategy

AMM CH focuses on key growth industries where innovative technology is empowering business solutions. AMM CH invests in established companies which have good prospects for further development and sustainable growth. Our experienced team elaborates flexible and creative capital solutions to finance acquisitions and growth initiatives, as well as majority and minority recapitalizations.

New approaches and algorithms are examined by us to get the best returns. We pulled out all the stops to provide our clients with a smart investment platform & solutions, and we would move forward to ensure everyone gets top quality service.

We are a global team with our clients placed all over the world. Be ready to make money!

Our Strategy


We help businesses to improve their performance, through analysis and strategies. We offer flexible capital solutions appointed to facilitate the unique needs and goals of each company. We believe that each entrepreneur needs a unique approach, so we have created a flexible investment system that will definitely fit you.


AMM has grown into a leading online investment platform. We understand the challenges of investment market and its financial requirements, providing a safe environment for our clients where they can invest without any worry about hacking or loss of data. Use platform for great earnings and best decisions.


Our experienced team of professionals offer unique investment strategies. Working side by side they guarantee maximisation of long-term value and success. Industry solutions you can rely upon. We will help you to discover the most attractive offers for your investments or business startups.

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